Monster Egg

Giant chicken eggThe egg on the right is an average-sized egg that would be a “large” egg if it were being sold in the grocery store. The egg on the left is a triple-yolked monster egg!

One of our chickens is laying enormous eggs this spring, triple-yolkers, in fact. I don’t know which one of the hens is producing these dinosaur eggs, but I suspect that it is one of the buff Orpingtons, because they are fairly big chickens and lay brown eggs. Many of our chickens, including the leghorn hens, lay white eggs, which takes them out of the running.

We’re getting about one giant egg per week, which makes sense because some of our older hens, including the buff Orpingtons, only lay about 3-4 eggs per week. I guess the giant egg layer is just trying to be efficient. . .

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