Nameko, Is That You?

Are these nameko mushrooms?
Are these nameko mushrooms?
A few years ago, we bought a “grow-your-own” nameko mushroom kit from Fungi Perfecti, a mushroom grower’s supply company in Washington State. Namekos are supposed to be some of the most delectable mushrooms on planet earth, and we were pretty excited about growing them.

Though I diligently followed all of the instructions that came with the kit, the mushrooms never grew. So, after the sawdust growing medium turned into a moldy mess, Dave persuaded me to give up on them.

Then, he disposed of the sawdust growing medium somewhere in our yard (he can’t recall exactly where).

Fast forward a few years. A tropical storm has just come through, creating very unusual weather conditions for November: 55 degrees F and pouring rain for five days straight.

Now that the rain has stopped, mushrooms of all kinds are popping up all over the farm, including some in our backyard that look suspiciously like namekos.

The question is, are they namekos? Or look-alikes that will cause us to worship the porcelain throne all night if we eat them (or, worse yet, send us to the hospital).

To Nameko or not to Nameko, that is the question.

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