Instant Garden!

This morning, we took a trip up to the Carrboro farmers’ market to buy pepper, tomato and eggplant transplants to put in the garden.

I still grow my own cucumber, squash, cut flower, lettuce and brassica transplants, but because of our lack of heated greenhouse space and the length of time that tomato, pepper and eggplant starts need to spend in the greenhouse (8 to 12 weeks), I’ve decided to let other people grow them for me.

In any case, we came home with a whole load of plants: Sun Gold and Juliet tomatoes, Ichiban and Burpee’s Best eggplants, Gypsy and Big Bertha peppers are just a few of the varieties of plants that we bought.

We spent all day installing trellises and drip irrigation and transplanting our new plants into a mat of hay mulch.

At the end of the day, poof! We had an “instant” garden.

We rewarded ourselves with a trip to the comedy dinner theater put on by the acting and culinary arts classes at Central Carolina Community College in Pittsboro. We enjoyed the spirited and well-rehearsed show and a tasty meal: polenta and a 15 minute comedic rendition of Hamlet as well as two other one act sketches. A very unique experience.

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