My Little Pony

This has been a banner year for cucurbits in the garden:  the squash and cucumber plants have really thrived.  We have eaten and preserved our way through hundreds of pounds of yellow squash (thanks to Gentry and Supersett) and cucumbers (Tasty King is the ruler in the that department).

Now, for the first time ever, we are harvesting watermelons.  The variety that is our workhorse this year is called Pony.  It’s a small watermelon, weighing in at about four pounds.  We planted two plants and one has been producing for us and has made four melons so far.

Pony watermelons have very few seeds and have a beautiful pastel yellow tint near the rind that fades into a pastel pink heart.  They are sweet but not quite as sweet or concentrated in watermelon flavor as some of the grocery store varieties that I have tried.

I am definitely a fan of these little Ponies!

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