Full of Beans

Yesterday, I planted edamame and pole beans. After the winter we had, planting beans seems optimistic, even this late in the season. I still have been bracing for more snow.

Anyhow, I planted a couple of my favorite varieties: Tamara pole bean and Red Noodle. I also planted a couple of new varieties that I wanted to try: Emerite and Orient Wonder pole beans.

And I can never give up on edamame, although they have always been very hit or miss for us and tend to get devoured by rodents even when they do produce a good crop. I planted a short season variety, Karikachi, to see if that increases our success.

I also had a packet of Black Pearl soybean sitting around (packed for 2010!?) that I planted alongside the other soybeans. I think that they are also an edamame bean, but seem to be hard to come by these days, so I’ve been having trouble finding a variety description for them.

I originally got them from Territorial seed. I guess I should have saved their 2010 catalog along with the seeds. . . Ugh. Call the hording police!

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