King and Queen of the Garden

Every year, I keep an eye on the outstanding performers in my garden. These have to be varieties that thrive despite my relatively low level of management, and can be grown without the use of synthetic fungicides or insecticides.

On top of that, I want these plants to make the tastiest produce that I can imagine, or maybe even exceed my wildest taste bud fantasies.

This year, the top varieties in my garden were Tasty King cucumber and New Queen watermelon. They reigned all summer long, and the New Queen was just about the most delicious watermelon that I have ever tasted, other than an off the charts melon grown on the NC Bogue Banks that I bought right out of the field from the grower.

The summer squash also did pretty well this year, holding up for most of the season despite squash bug pressure. My poor record keeping strikes again: those hardy squash plants were either Supersett or Gentry, but I’m not sure which. I’ll plan to plant both of those again next year and do another trial.

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