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Choose the right fence for your horse farm

Wooden Board Fence with GateWooden Board Fence with Gate
Not only do fences make good neighbors, no horse farm is complete without good fence. Not only is good fencing essentail for a horse farm, but is also an expensive investment. Before you pick what fence you will install, learn a little more about the options you have so you can make an informed decision.

Horse Fence Options

RAMM Fence

Vinyl fence is a beautiful addition to your farm. It provides the classic look of post and rail horse fence with a low maintenance product.

Wood is perhaps the oldest fencing material man has ever used. Wood fence is strong, durable and comes from a renewable source -- trees. Wood is a beautiful, natural material that blends in with the landscape and enhances the beauty of your farm.

Also known as woven wire, diamond weave, or field fence, no-climb horse fence is a great choice if you are looking for a fence to keep your horses in and other animals out.

Electric fence might be the most useful fence ever invented. Easy to install, inexpensive compared to other fences and effective when installed properly, electric horse fence deserves serious consideration for your farm.

An alternative to steel or aluminum fence wire, electric horse tape is a safe, highly visible electric fence option for you and your horses.

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